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Essamccl Jun 2, 2020

  1. Essamccl

    Essamccl Registered User

    Hi all! I have recently bought a 2014 A5 Convertible. It came with Garmin sat nav rather than Audi. I have an SD slot in the front of the concert radio and a unit in the glove box next to the AMI unit, that holds the GARMIN SD card. Can anyone advise if the unit in my glove box is an aftermarket addition to house the GARMIN SD card, or is this an Audi part? I’m hoping to have an aftermarket 10.25” system put in anyway, so I won’t use the GARMIN system going forward. Also, could anyone advise what sort of entertainment system I have, I guess it’s non MMI, but what type exactly? I’ve added a couple of photos below. Thanks in advance!

    5FDE25BC-740B-49E9-BA8C-F52E5D821CAD.jpeg D584F6B0-A592-4DBE-961F-91C361F35F75.jpeg D831EA34-AD34-43C7-BC27-C0D7BC54ADEF.jpeg D40F665B-8AE1-45F2-A1C8-795F58DB9BA1.jpeg 54F6C390-AF03-44BB-A713-58F21392F30D.jpeg

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