Gargling noise at idle

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I have recently had my PCV and PCV hose replaced, as the valve was broken and the hose was split. I noticed when the car came back from the garage, there was a soft gurgling noise at idle, which was coming from the airbox. This noise appears to have got a bit worse, and I can tell something isn't right just from the noise at idle.

It still drives fine, and I'm able to remove the oil filler cap at idle, which interestingly stops the noise altogether until I replace the cap. I can't make out the noise when I rev it, or when driving, but that may be because the noise gets drowned out so I just cant hear it.

I'm assuming I've been unlucky and got a dodgy replacement PCV, which seems to make sense to me as the noise goes away when the oil cap is removed. However, I won't pretend I fully understand the PCV setup on the 2.0T FSI yet, I'm still learning so could be going down the wrong road here. I've had a good search for 2.0T FSI gargle, and found a few threads that seem to support my idea.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Possibly, but I only notice it happening at warm idle, you can hear it start happening in this video (noise starts at 13 seconds in):

You can hear at the end just as we hit 800rpm, this deeper pumping noise starts.


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Why don't you take it back to the garage?