Garage Envy Alert. Thinking about renting an indoor space for a day, to detail my car.


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Thinking about rented a indoor space for a day, just to detail my car.

I want to spend a whole day polishing and detailing my car. Taking my time and not getting interrupted.

Main reasons for this:

1. Mainly the weather.

2. My garage is not really big enough. More like a posh shed.

3. Needs to be done under cover and out of direct sunlight (if sunny)

4. Biggie here is getting distracted by the neighbours. Privacy... Can't really be bothered to explain to people passing by, what I doing all the time.

5. Just want to get on with it.

Trying to find some where with power and water supply going to be the biggest challenge.

Has anyone done this?

If not then l will just have to spread it out longer over a longer period of time, doing a section of a car each day. Instead of all in one go. The preferred option.

My dream space below, I wish.!!



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Go for it you'll achieve far better results and you'll be more focused for the job ahead


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Honestly mate I wish I had this too. If you can find somewhere like this go for it. My Mrs is my main problem...... "Why does it take 3 hours to wash a far" blahh blahh. "Are you finished yet" blah blah lol

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Mines not that good but started to improve it


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Forgot to say I’m in The Midlands, so you’d be dirtier when you got back home! I bought the garage and got a free house with it


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Now I’ve got car cover envy - That looks great, need one for the A5 now. Where did you get that?

Andy Butcher

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I bought it on Ebay, was recommended by someone on the Quattro Owners Club Facebook page, sold by carbitsrus15. It's a genuine Audi cover for a B9 S4 but fits the B8.5 S4 perfectly, £69.00 inc free postage.
I just had a look on their items for sale and they're not listing any covers now.


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Thanks for looking Andy, bargain at £69.