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Neel Makwana

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Hello, new to here and new Q3 Audi owner (20 plate). I’ve just purchased the car, and was offered GAP insurance, which I really would like to take out given very recently I’ve not had the best luck with cars as a couple had been stolen due to a burglary few months ago!

I got told I have 28 days to make a decision, so didn’t purchase on the spot - kind of glad I didn’t because I got told that the premium was £425 for 4 years. However when I go onto the Audi finance website (insurewithaudi) it says this is available for £325, saving a hundred pounds instantly.

I emailed the lady at the dealership who just said their provider is not Audi finance direct - I looked this up on the documents they uploaded and it is actually a company called Mapfre Assistencia - who is that? It seems like a Spanish insurance company...?

I don’t understand why the dealership I went to (in Maidstone) would sell me that, instead of the one with Audi finance which Is actually cheaper and with their partnered finance company, who I am purchasing the car through...? Can anyone help to explain that?

Also is one better than the other? I assumed I’m probably better off going for the one via Audi finance..? I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience through Audi?

Any advice is appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


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Not sure about what Audi dealers offer but people generally save money by buying GAP from insurance providers rather than car dealers.

Check out our 3yr cover if that’s appropriate for you -



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It'd be worth checking as to whether they're both quoting you for the same type of GAP insurance cover. It's not impossible that the dealer is offering you what's commonly known as "Invoice GAP insurance" whilst the finance company might only be offering you the inferior "Finance GAP insurance".

Mapfre, is indeed a Spanish insurer but they're a substantial A-rated insurer at that so there's nothing really to be concerned about in that regard. It's interesting though... only a few weeks back I'd heard that Mapfre were pulling out of GAP insurance in the UK (along with other types of insurance too) and that they'd placed all their motor dealers and brokers etc on notice.

All the above said, buying GAP insurance from a motor dealer or finance company is an absurdly expensive way to acquire GAP insurance. There are a number of specialist brokers that will provide this type of cover, normally at a fraction of the price quoted by a dealer or finance company.

I have mine (a Replacement GAP insurance policy - which is superior again to the other types I mention above) with - I'd recommend getting a quote from them before entertaining any other.


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I'm sorry, I should have qualified that our GAP product is combined RTI/Finance GAP so you'll receive whichever is the higher amount - the gap between your motor insurance payout and either the original invoice amount or the outstanding finance.


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Gap and all the other dealer add-on products make my blood boil! And all too often customers are taken in by the dealer and end up buying these products, when in most cases they are available at a much lower price, often with the same or better cover. As suggested, check out other providers by searching Gap on the internet.

As to why the dealer isn’t offering Audi Gap, that’s simple. A dealer will offer Gap using a provider they have arranged in house. This gives them the flexibility to manipulate the prices from a starting point of say £600, and then offer a special price of £450, and the customer usually falls for it!

Good luck.