Gap insurance


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ALA seem to be very competitive, good reviews also.

I am probably going with them for my new purchase next month, quite frankly the dealer policies are over the top expensive.


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Now in an X3 M40i And a Yaris GR-Four
I use direct gap.

Seem to have a good reputation, good prices and good cover.

Never had to use the actual product(so can't comment on that), but had 3 or 4 policies with them over the years.

Will be having a 5 year Gap policy with them on my new S3

Wish I'd took out a 5 year policy on my S3. Don't normally keep a car more than 3 years, but my S3 is 4 years old this month, with no immediate plans to change.


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If you use ALA use the discount code MSE25 for 25% off.

ALA have recently changed their policies though, it's more expensive than it used to be even with the discount code.