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G450 Sensor Adaption

Kalle Aug 28, 2018

  1. Kalle

    Kalle New Member

    I recently got a P4071 Exhaust pressure sensor code on my Audi a4 B8 3.0TDI (CAPA). I suspected the fault was the sensor and ordered a new one. After reading a few threads about the subject, i understood that i have to adapt the sensor after the installation.

    Well the new sensor arrived, changed it and fired up vcds, i tried to follow the instructions below.
    After fitting the g450 sensor adaption is simply as follows:
    Select engine (01)
    Login or coding 11
    Type 30605 in the box and login.

    Close controller,exit vcds. Switch ignition off ( i jumped out and locked the car for 30 seconds to be sure to send everything to sleep.
    This is probably something silly im missing but the problem is that in the "engine (01)" menu, i cant press the "coding 11" button? the button is just faded. Anyways after struggling for a good time i just went to another menu where i reset the learned values of the sensor.

    Sure the engine light went off and have not light up again after a week, but that still leaves me to wonder if i should have adapt the new sensor? if that's the case does anyone have any idea why i cant access the Coding menu?


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