Fwd b5 turbo lowering springs ???


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Hi guys,
I've just put my wheels on (18inch Rs4 reps) and now my car really needs lowered i've measured and it needs to go down about 50mm (or 2 inches in old money) roughly. It's a sport so i'm assuming its already 20mm lower. I've seen on here that neuspeed race springs go down that much but can't find them for my car Any recommendations ?

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If you actually want some ride quality then i wouldnt touch a £220 suspension kit, never mind £220 coil overs...

50mm lower than a standard sport seems very low to me, and i suspect at that ride height your going to start messing with the handling characteristics.

My brother runs eibach pro kit (-30mm) springs on his S4 and that gives a ride height like so:


Rides firmer than our 1.8T but not harsh at all, and imo you wouldnt really want to go too much lower. You can drive around with it on the bump stops, but all that means is it handles like a bin lorry, and you catch the underside on every undulation and pebble on the road.

Craig runs his Prokit along with a set of Bilstein B6 shocks. Not a cheap setup, but one that works well and doesnt ruin the cars handling or drive.


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I did consider those coilovers ................. but i've got a set of fk coilovers on my mk2 golf and the ride is brutal. I've had a mk2 clio :ninja:that was lowered on -50mm spax springs and the ride was fine. I'll try and post up pics of the comical arch gap the audi has at the moment :nyah: