Fuses??? Control Unit??



Need to check some of the electrics in my car (interior lighting problems).

I know there's a fusebox at the end of the dash and one in the engine compartment, which I have checked. But are there others in the car??

Been reading about an "onboard supply control unit" or something like that.... possibly under the carpet on the passenger side... that could have something to do with the interior light???

Anybody know anything about this control unit existence or location???



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There is an item called the 'onboard supply control unit'. It is item J519 on the wiring diagrams.

According to the ELSAWIN workshop manual it is located 'on left, under dash panel, under relay carrier'. I think that may be for a LH Drive car and on a RH Drive car it may well be at the other end. I think you can just see it behind the dash near the fuse box. It consists of a plate with some relays on the top and eight large multi-pin connectors on the back. The interior lights do connect to this unit by a 12-pin Black connector, one in from the LH end as viewed from the wires connection side.

Looking at it you will need to remove parts of the dash to get at it.