Funny noise coming from sub enclosure (S3)


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Apr 29, 2014
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South Africa
Every time i get into the car and start it, there is a funny noise from the sub enclosure or that area, like a buzzing but it does not seem to be the speaker. i have managed to get out and check in the boot and that is the area it is coming from. it last a couple of seconds and then goes away

what could this be. it was not there before.
does it happen when you go to unlock the car with the remote?

like this? Click > #10
That is the noise. , sometimes after i start and take off it is still going. What is it?????
it's the central locking doing it's thing. but most likely yours is leaking like mine

open the panel on the LHS and you'll see a foam box in between sub and rear tail lights - i reckon that's where your noise is coming from as it's struggling to make correct pressure to unlock / lock the doors (even though it still works)
Hopefully. Post in and follow the other thread cuz we've covered more ground there

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