Fullrun Tyres - a word of warning.

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Changed the car recently and the new (second hand) one had a pair of fairly new Fullrun Tyres on the front. In the wet they are terrible so I had them swapped to the back but I had to drive that slowly round corners in the wet (nearly lost it on 2 roundabouts at 25mph) that I've got rid of them.

I got a pair of part worn Yokohama's (4mm & 6mm) for £55 and so far they are much better.

What was really worrying is when the Fullruns were taken off the side walls on the inside had started to crack and like I mentioned they weren't very old.

I know they are cheap but I will definitely be avoiding them in the future as the tyres are the most important thing between you and the road.

Just wondered if anyone elase had any experience of these?


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Never even heard of them.......

Tyre's should never be skimped on :notme: