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For Sale Full Rear interior from 3 door A3 8P

danrst171 Dec 3, 2020

  1. danrst171

    danrst171 Registered User

    I have a full rear from a 3 door 2005 A3 8P Sport for sale. Not got photos yet and some of the rear is still in the car but it's all on it's way out. It's done 120k so it doesn't look new, but feel free to throw offers at me. I'll try get photos this weekend.

    Rear Seats - £80
    Boot floor - £10
    Parcel Shelf (with sun block?) - £20
    Bose Subwoofer - £20
    Bose Amp - £20
    Boot Side Plastic - £10 each side

    If there's any other parts you want from the rear of the car, let me know and they're yours. Might take a few days to remove / get photos.

    Prices are pickup from BD20, happy to post at buyers expense.

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