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Full lock judder - PAS Pump?

AS-A4Cab Dec 4, 2019

  1. AS-A4Cab

    AS-A4Cab New Member

    Hello one and all!

    I have a 1.8T A4 Cab (B7 chassis) FWD.

    Recently my drive shaft went caput - luckily at very low speed. I've had those replaced, along with associated CV joints etc.

    Now - the whole car shudders on full lock to the left - the car doesnt need to be in motion for this to happen, so I'm suspecting the PAS pump. The same issue does not repeat when turning to the right.

    I'll be taking it back to the garage that completed the work (friend of my father in law, so hopefully will listen to my worries!).....but any ideas in the mean time would be really appreciated!

    I've checked the PAS fluid reservoir, and confirmed the correct level. It almost feels as if the pump is overloaded, and therefore vibrating..

    Thanks all!
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  3. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Well-Known Member

    My Avant suffers with juddering or skipping on full lock when the tyre tread is low, but that is on both left and right lock.

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