Fuelsave (regular) diesel vs v-power diesel


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Quick question,

What are people using regular diesel or v-power and have you noticed any differences in using v-power?

Was planning on using v-power but dunno if its worth the extra money.


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Back when I had a TDI I used BP Ultimate but never saw any real benefit so went back to 5p off at Tescos!


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in my astra i found shell/bp petrol gave me an extra 20/30 miles per tank compared to supermarket petrol. wasnt sure if there were similar benefits from v-power


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I usually use Shell fuelsave but only because its the cheapest in the area. Not noticed much difference between Shell Fuel and Tesco. Would be interesting to see if the V-Power diesel was worth the money.. Surely you can test by putting a tenner in and measuring how far you get on each fuel?


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The higher grade diesels have a higher cetane rating than the normal ones, so in theory it should take less fuel to drive in the same manner as with normal fuel. However I bet most just drive faster so the benefits are lost lol


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no difference at all for me , just less miles for my money so stayed on the saver one


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I have an 11 plate 2.0TDI S-tronic and have run both (6 full tanks at a time) fuel save and v-power and not really noticed much difference between the two, the fuel save has given me a little more mileage to the tank so i only use this now..I would never use supermarket fuel again as have had contamination issues twice on the last car and there is only a penny in it between my local shell and supermarkets.


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Haven't noticed any difference between the two in my TDi. Although, as jbs2472 has done, you do need to give it a couple of tanks to let things adjust and to allow any trace of the saver stuff to go. As with a lot of mods that are supposed to make a subtle difference it's hard to tell whether they're working or whether it's just you imagining it.

On the remapped Mk4 Golf I had to use V-Power or it'd smoke like red arrow, so there must be some difference in the fuels. Also, supermarket fuels were even worse in terms of smoke. Sainsburys was the worst for some reason. These aren't just my findings, but universally agreed on the UKMKIV's forum.


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I was stupid, and couldn't work out for the life of me why fuel cost me so much more one week than another, despite filling up once I'd done 450miles, until one day I noticed there was an 'ultimate diesel' which I paid a premium for. DOH!
So I can confirm I couldn't tell the difference expect in my wallet!

However I get more out of a shell/bp tank than tesco or other supermarket!


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Thanks for the comments guys. will prob give the vpower stuff a bash for a few tanks see how i get on.


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I filled up my BKD 2 litre diesel with v power yesterday and you can definitely feel the difference in my opinion.

As the BKD is a little less refined than the CR engines I think you can tell the difference a little more maybe? Plus it's mapped so that might be a factor..

I do 500 miles a week so hopefully the mileage improves too to make up some of the extra cost per litre. :)


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I have remapped by A3 TDI 2.0. Purely for it purer properties, i run around 2 tanks of V power through every month. This is for my peice of mind as i know how much the injectors cost and they are not cheap at all, so v power will clean out the injectors (without using the additives you can buy which eat away at your seals) adds a bit of a performace due to the remap and also it gets me a load of points on my shell Card which then gives me cash for fuel which makes up a little.

I would suggest using a tank of V-Power every month just to keep the injectors clean and keeps the smoke to a minimum at the rear.

Hope this is of use.


I tried a tankful. Noticed no difference whatsoever!!


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I run my car and van on V-Power Diesel, always.