Fuelled Adventures Nov 3rd


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Afternoon fellow Audi owners.

•••Driving Day Out Opportunity•••
North Yorkshire
3rd November 2018

Approx 200 mile round trip, 5-6 hours driving and a lot of fun.

We are looking to create something where we can go on full day driving experiences on brilliant roads with people who love driving and love their cars.

Also add some kind of interesting break along the way. Would love some S/RS cars both old and new, tuned and stock to come along! But if you're passionate about your driving or just love motoring as much as we do, you're more than welcome. Plan is as follows...

8:30am Meet and greet just above Leeds (Details to be revealed closer to the date).
Midday break at Thornton Dale and a visit to the motor museum there.
Will be back near Harewood house for approx 4:30pm.

If you're coming along for the ride then send me a message or DM either on here or @Fuelled_Adventures on Instagram so we have an accurate idea of numbers on the day.

No joining fee. Just a group of friends and like minded drivers going for a ride.

Drivers will be given a link to the route via Google maps just incase you get split from the group.

It's the first iteration and it's obviously going to evolve and improve. Just putting it out there and it’s open for anyone to tag along

Cheers everyone.

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I'd love to pop along but 3.5hrs each way just to get there!


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Ahhhh man. Be epic to see the new car too. I think the performance would be a real eye opener to my C63 and M3 mates haha. We are currently putting together a fantastic Welsh route with an overnight stop. Also have a Northcoast 500 trip in the pipeline.

We're just doing some early trial and error runs.

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