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Fuel level sensor location

Stickystuff Oct 10, 2018

  1. Stickystuff

    Stickystuff Member

    Hi guys, I’ve got a fault with my fuel level sensor with it constantly showing empty. It start with intermittent faults and then resetting itself and for the past few months or so it’s been at empty and doesn’t ever move. So yesterday I decided to do something about.

    Now I know what your thinking “just remove the plates under the back seat”.

    I did that and there’s nothing! As it’s a fwd on the left hand plate(facing forwards) it just goes to the floor with a little of the tank showing. And the right hand plate just shows the very top of the tank.

    Is it a case that the level sensor is actually somewhere stupidly place and I’ve got to drop the tank down?

    I work on the basis that I can get between 450-500 miles to a tank so I reset my trip every time I fill up. But my dash pings every time I get in with various warnings and I’m finally going to try and sort them out.

    Can anyone help make it easier? I’m hoping it’s a corroded terminal quick clean up type thing.
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. BigjoeC

    BigjoeC Member Team Daytona Gold Supporter TDi Audi A6

  4. Stickystuff

    Stickystuff Member

    Thank you for the video big joe but the problem is that I don’t have a sender under either cover. The sender unit must be in the middle of the tank or in some other idiotic position. I serviced it yesterday at work and even on the ramp I couldn’t see the sender unit. So my guess is it’s got to be a fro the tank situation.

    I’ll have to set some time aside to try and do it one weekend or something. Thank you though
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