Fuel Leak :(


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Hi everyone,

Been a while since last posting, but I still have the A3 :), which now has a fuel leak.

Fuel (V Power!! :,( ) is dripping from the fuel filter and on to the road. I dound a puncture in it and fixed it with Chemical Metal a friend recommended.

It cured the leak for a while, but now it is back, and not leaking from the same place.

Anybody had similar problems? Did a search, and shows mainly the filter to be the problem, but want to be sure before buying a new one.



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Dude, I had a fuel pressure issue that was caused by the gravity valve meaning fuel was p!ssing out of the tank when the filler cap was off http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=55059 !

Anyways, check the filter again to make sure the hoses are clipped on correctly (i.e you can't pull em apart by hand). A new filter is £5 and takes 10/20mins once jacked off the ground. It may be the filter is full of crap and pushing the fuel somewhere. If all good, with the car jacked up take off the rear drivers wheel and wheel liner and see if you can have a look at the fuel tank and seals to see if anything is obvious. After that have a look underneath to see if you can see the damp patch where fuel may be leaking as this would give a good clue. Both sides have a tank, one side has a fuel pump and the otherside has the circulation pump; to get to these means depressurising the system and gaining access under the rear seats through two round hatches - you can they check and test if necessary.

Also wherebouts did the leaks appear, infront or behind the rear wheel?


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Oh these may help at where to look: