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Hi Everybody, Im Sarah, and new to this site, have a questions, and it may be a stupid one, but it could save me quite a bit of money.. Ive been told that I need a new fuel injector pump, new one costs around 1k, not an option, I have an Audi A6 2.5 tdi Avant. The part number of the pump is 0470506016, so the question is....can they use a reconditioned/second hand one with part number 0470506002 instead, will it work? any help will be much appreciated, as I don't want to have to get rid of the old car. Also if the answer is no, does anybody know where I can get a reconditioned or second hand 6016 one. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and hope to hear from some of you.
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not sure of compatibilty
if you call a diesel specialist near you then they will tell you
i do know some of the 2.5 pumps are repairable
i deal with SMS diesels in buckingham 01280 816090


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I had these issues about 6 months ago .
I was told to send the pump off to DIESEL BOB (just google it ) cost me around 600 to refurbish it and it came back like new and warrantied.
Got it fitted by the legendary CHRISADAms24 from this forum and it hasnt missed a beat since .
The problem with second hand fuel pumps is you dont know if they are firstly right and also how long it will last .
I tries cutting corners and was advised to get the code read and take it from there.
Hope this helps