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Fuel Injector Open Circuit

Gonzokew Mar 2, 2019

  1. Gonzokew

    Gonzokew Registered User

    Hi guys,

    I've had Bosch 550cc (0 280 158 117) injectors in since May 15 and lately have been getting a few error codes related to them.

    Firstly it was 17647 which is open circuit cylinder 3. Checked resistance and was around 12 ohms. Reset and would intermittently come back on.

    Swapped the injector over with number 1 and sure enough the fault moved to cylinder 1 - 17645. Injector at fault I presumed.

    Yesterday was giving it a bit of a hoon with an RS3 and could feel it splutter a bit on WOT. When I got back I noticed injector on cylinder 4 open circuit fault. This is a new one on that cylinder.

    If all resistances are ok what are the only other issues? Check continuity on cable back to ECU?

    Is there anything fuel pump relate as I've got the dv65 in tank so should be ok there.

    Any info would be appreciated
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  3. S3 Hilife

    S3 Hilife It's an addiction Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Hi buddy, I’m sorry I can’t help with your issue but I have the exact same problem with my Bosch 1000cc’s. Usually on WOT but intermittently over all cylinders. Resistance is consistent on all injectors like yours but I haven’t been able to find any cause as of yet :( very frustrating fault

  4. Gonzokew

    Gonzokew Registered User

    Yes it is very frustrating and not sure if it's potentially damaging to the engine!

    I did see your thread but didn't see any outcomes for it so annoying it's still happening for you. The only thing I thought yesterday was I was getting on it for a lot longer than I usually do and it did start to worsen the more I drove hard.

    I'm trying to find a wiring diagram at the minute to check the cabling to ecu and also from researching it looks like with ignition on I should be getting constant 12v to pin 1 on each injector plug. Not sure if anyone can confirm this.

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