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Fuel flap actuator

Luke Williamson Aug 21, 2019

  1. Luke Williamson

    Luke Williamson Luke A6AvantV6

    Hi all,

    I'm.agter some help/advice. The actuator on my fuel flap had failed!its staying locked and will not unlock on key etc,I tried the emergency release cable and suprise suprise that came offI've orderd the new actuator and bowl from (crew Audi parts) that sits inside the fuel flap. I've watched all the videos but there not very clear for my model,has anyone had the same issue and fixed themselves.
    Many thanks

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  3. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    A6 and A7 share a common fuel flap construction and lock.
    This YT Video shows how to change the door lock actuator. You do need the flap opened to be able to change it, so you may have to force it open, or go to a dealer and ask for advice from their mechanic.

    It is a very common failure, and most people ignore the symptoms until its too late.

  4. Luke Williamson

    Luke Williamson Luke A6AvantV6

    Hi RAF S7,
    Thanks for the video,I did manage to swap it over last night,I used the emergency release cable and slid it inside the flap and popped it open. Using some grips I pulled the actuator and the bowl straight out swapped the parts all done in 10 mins. The video does look a better way off doing it I must admit .Thanks for the advice much appreciated

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