Fuel flap actuator - VCDS fault code


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Hi all,

Audi A1 2016.
Need a bit of help, my daughter has a fault on the fuel flap actuator or at least I think that's what it is rather than wiring. The fuel flap doesn't always open on the press of the key fob. Could it be a wiring fault?
Anyone had this before?

VCDS reports the following fault code -

00332 - Control Circuit for Tank Flap
007 - Short to Ground - Intermittent


Kernow A1

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Quite common being the actuator on the fuel flap,as my mate (AA Roadside) seen a few where they don't open all the time or just fail.

Its a common code across the whole VAG range, and I've seen a few, so I'd change it before your locked out of fuelling