Fuel Filter replacement possibly gone wrong Please Help


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I've been a member here for a while but not been very talkative (sorry) and finally got myself a 2.0 TDI 56 plate Misano Red Sportback 8P ( pictures to come soon ) I've only just got the car and wanted to do a service myself so got all the parts and set to work, Oil, Pollen, Air, Fuel filters.

However when i came to do the fuel filter i dismantled the housing first and emptied the fuel and cleaned the housing ready for the new filter........ Then i opened the new part only to realise i'd got the wrong part, id got the one with the mickey mouse gasket and both ends of the filter open. My current one looks like its just the filter with one end open and a single large thin rubber seal.

My question is... is it safe to put the original one back in temporarily until i can get hold of the correct part?

There was a lot of black gunk and the original one is very oily black.

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Yes as long as its not damaged, you can reuse until the right one is there.

Its a common mistake as Audi does not differentiate with vin for these specific filters, I've been there myself a few times.