Fuel filter housing


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I have a 2006 model tdi which has the older type of fuel filter housing where the top is rustiy, this looks aweful as the rest of the under bonnet is clean.
Is it possible to swap just the top part with the later type (alloy i think?) or do i have to swap the full housing?
Is it easy to swap - disconnect hoses - swap housing (or just top) then reconnect hoses? or do i have to bleed the system afterwards?
Any guides online (with pics)?



As far from JBS as possible !
Give it a quick rub down with some sand paper and paint it with black hammerite. I don`t think you can just get the lid Audi only sale the complete unit which is around £100.


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I was thinking of the hammerite route but i can get the top part of the later version from a breakers for £25 or the full housing for £35 - is it an easy swap?