fuel filler flap lock stopped working - anyone else had this?


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Filled up on Sat morning and all was well.... filled up again this morning and the lock for the fuel filler has stopped working!! used the tag in the boot to pop it open but has anyone else had this issue? if so how hard is it to get to the motor and was it a new motor needed? or just a clean up?




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ing to my etka a new motor is less than £10 so sod it I will order another if I cant see a reason why its not working properly (i have got it working now but its a little hit or miss)


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Has anyone converted their YJ to a TJ style fuel filler location? I know Ive seen this before and was wondering how easy/cheap it would be to do.


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This happened to my Avant, and as you say the parts where very cheap. I did not do the change myslef - as mine stopped working 'just' after someone wanted to park in my boot so i got it all done at the same time.