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For Sale FS: CatCams cams+Supertech valve package 1.8t, brand new!

Bluepower Jun 21, 2019

  1. Bluepower

    Bluepower Registered User

    For sale:

    For all 1.8t(AGU, APX, BAM, AMK, AUQ, AUM etc) engines/cylinder heads

    Completely brand NEW cylinderhead upgrade kit:

    CatCams 3658 cams

    CatCams adjustable cam sprocket

    Supertech intake valves

    Supertech exhaust valves

    Supertech Titanium retainers

    Supertech valve springs

    Supertech valve seals

    INA hydraulic lifters

    ARP crank pulley bolt

    Gates Kevlar timing belt

    With this kit you can easily run above 8500rpm(there are some who rev up as high as 10.000rpm) and they are designed to withstand very high powers(800+hp)

    Price: 1750 pounds,located in the Netherlands, but can be posted(for about 20 pounds extra)

    the kit can be seperated: complete valve kit vs CatCams stuff for example

    Also for sale: K1 technologies 144x20 forged rods and an upgrade, dual plenum intake manifold!

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  3. dugonve

    dugonve Registered User


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