Frozen out of car already


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Anyone else having issues opening both doors yet ?

-1*c here and I had to climb in through the boot to open the driver's door from the inside !!

Got home and thought I'd try it again - shut the door and couldn't open it !!

This doesn't bode well with cold weather heading our way, any suggestions please ?


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Locks frozen! Not too sure what can be done about it though, perhaps some wd-40 in amongst it will keep it from freezing up so quick! Going to be even colder tonight they reckon!


Noggies ruuuule!
I thought the door locks were heated on our mules? I think when we open the handle (half way) the lock heater should activate. Or something like that anyway....


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I found spraying silicone spray into the door lock assembly has helped.
had a frost the other day, would only open from the inside but not the outside, sprayed some silicone spray in it and then after a few try's it freed up, had a few frozen spells since and no repeat!