Front wishbone rear bushes


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Mar 14, 2010
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North Wales
I need to replace the front wishbone rear bushes on my 2001 S3, Ive looked on ebay and there seems to be a few different types.
The poly bush ones only lists one type and it says it also fits the Golf 4.
Are these suitable:
Poly bush

Or should I just get standard ones? Where theres a few choices then
Standard 1
standard 2
standard 3

They are all from GSF and list fitting an S3, but all have different pics and prices??
TT ones... they are solid rubber... std rubber ones are voided and are crap... poly bushes tend to squeeze out

Ok, But which ones? It seems GSF do a few different ones of them aswell on ebay. Just been on the GSF site, Whats the difference? I think mines the later as the chassis no. Is 8LZ but theres 2 to choose from still
Phoned Audi, they gave me that same number.
They said its the same for the TT AND S3.
Only problem is they're £22 each.
Gsf do lemforders too and cheaper than that link, but again there's 2 types;

Item no. 280754633424
item no. 300617059006

Which do I buy?
You might want to consider buying new wishbones and new poly bushes if you are doing the job yourself. That way you can make sure you have the right bushes pressed in before ripping your car apart and finding they are wrong.

They are also a complete and utter cow to press them in unless you have various tools such as a large socket, vice, threaded rod, fasteners or a fly press, which most home tinkerers like me don't. There is nothing worse than being under pressure to get your car back on the road to get to work and making a hash of it.
S3 wishbones are expensive and most I have seen still come fitted with voided bushes..

If you can't do it yourself then take the arms to a local garage to do them... It prob won't cost more than a tenner a side for them to do if you supply the arms and bushes to them...

I got a pair of S3 lower wishbones from ECP recently during a 30% off phase, and they have solid bushes. Still £100+ each though, but stopped the knocking and creaking from my car, and an easy DIY.
I've got access to all the tools, got a 20T hydraulic press in our workshop so shouldn't be a problem pressing them in :)