Front wing foam?


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Afternoon, finally getting around to sorting out all the niggles on my car and I'm having trouble working out what parts I need. I'm after the foam parts that are at the top of the wings and on either side from the long rubber seal under the bonnet

I've attached a picture, does anyone know any part numbers and how far they go into the wings? I guess the wings will have to come off to replace but that's fine I'm just trying to work out what I need!

Picture is someones car from here, not sure who sorry, just using for reference!


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just to let you know if you are unaware, the forum has supplied us with a great resource in the stickies which allow all of us to find part numbers. Look under bonnet and the seal is easily seen


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I have tried looking, but haven't found much that looks correct..I was wondering if anyone who had changed wings on an 8P3 would know as it's very different to earlier cars