Front wheel bearing


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Need a new front wheel bearing fitted to my car . I could do it my self but really can't be bothered to fit it so I got a quote from my local garage they said 180 fitted fm with a gen part .. Gen part is 130 from Audi so didn't think it was not that bad a price


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Ask for the part reciept or a copy of when done and make sure it is TPS or main dealer.

I would have thought it would be about two hours in total


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Took car yesterday and got them to check it out to make sure and guess what they couldn't fine anything wrong .. So now I'm thinking it could be a tyre noise as there only falken tyres


It's all about the V8.
My cheap and nasty Chinese tyres make one hell of a noise on certain road surfaces. It really does sound like wheel bearing noise sometimes.


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I wonder if that's what it could be .. I've had falken tyres for years now this is the first time it's done this


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I've had a failed bearing which didn't demonstrate any of the usual signs like roughness. In fact, even when driving the car it was almost impossible to identify which side was problematic. We changed the n/s, the problem went away. When the replacement failed after just over a year, it was however very obvious that it had.


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Ive just fitted x2 FAG bearings £118 delivered piece of cake to fit with a press.
And the only true way to find play is strip it all down to the hub/flange itself,so dont take the garages word. they would of got it on the ramps,span the wheel and said its fine...a mechanics term for it aint falling off.dont worry.

I took it to the garage,and now have 2 brand new Potenzas on the front and 2 part worn pilot sports3 in the shed.

i replaced both bearings and its spot on.i can be driving along knock it out of gear and not even know about it.

Another way to tell is the brakes squeek!