Front wheel bearing type rumble but not wheel bearing?


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my car has developed a wheel bearing type rumble from the front drivers side.

The noise seems worse at speed when turning right.

Ive vet had the wheel bearing changed but the noise is still there and everything has been checked but there is nothing obvious.

Could it it be a gearbox or diff problem?

its a 2.5tdi Quattro by the way.


spartacus 68

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Unusual for the gearbox or diff to do this. Check or swap the driver's side wheel first. Might have thrown a weight balance or there's a flat-spot on the tyre. Both could cause the noise you hear. Also check CV boot isn't torn or loosing grease.


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if it gets nosier when you turn right that means it's the left wheel bearing as this is being loaded. May have changed the wrong side lol


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Could be a deformed tyre also as had this on the rear tyre and noise went.

Spin wheel while jacked and watch for any wobble from the tyre as it spins