front seats


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Very easy job. A couple of plastic covers to remove at the front and rear of the seat rails, and 2 bolts at the front. Disconnect any wiring (don't turn on the ignition while the airbag is disconnected!!) and lift the seat out.



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just be carefull when you remove the plastic covers at the back of the rails, they break really easily.


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if you fit heated leather seats to an a3 which didnt originaly have them how easy would it be to wire up the electrics?


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i could not say mate, but i know some manufactures will have the loom installed weather u have the option or not, it might be a simple case of plugging them in and fitting the switches in the dash, or you may have to fit the loom? i know a few year ago my dad had a vauxhall calibra with cloth trim, we swapped it to full leather and all the wiring was in place we just plugged them in and fitted the switches to the dash, have a look under your seats see if you have the plugs or even check your dash where the switches would go.


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There are loom available as a retrofit kit to the seats, but I heard that it's a major pain to fit these as the trim is a little difficult to put back on.


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my old corrado had the loom too, so it was just a case of getting the switches. hope that helps a little:icon_thumright:


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I had the carpet out of my A3 1.8 T (99) and unfortunately there was no wiring in place for heated seats - just the airbag trigger units. But I think it would be easy enough to run a wire under the trim at the edge of the carpet and then feed it under the carpet to the holes that the airbag plugs come through without taking the carpet out.