Front Seat Wiring connectors - Assistance required


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Hi Folks,

I recently bought Jasdeep's leather seats that were for sale on the forum and was wondering if anyone could tell me what each of the connectors is for? and a part number to order up the replacements?

The picture I've attached is what I'm looking for consisting of -

Black connector
Green connector
Red connector
and Yellow Connector

I don't get the seats for another 2 weeks so this would help me order up the parts I need in advance.

Help is much appreciated.



  • seat wiring.PNG
    seat wiring.PNG
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Hi David, not sure which is which but you've got seat heating, electric adjust, electric lumbar and airbag although airbag connectors are usually yellow so I'd take a stab at that one.


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Thanks for your reply Rob, It would be my luck that the yellow connector is the one that was chopped on the seats. If anyone else can complete the info and part numbers it would be very much appreciated.



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For completeness if someone has a similar issue to me the part details are as follows -

Main block connector - Green colour but on newer cars is Black - 4F0 937 731

Yellow airbag connector - 4H0 972 773

Black connector - 8R0 973 605

Red connector - 4F0 937 733 B

These 4 connectors will all be all you ever need to connect at the seat end.

If you need to add seat heating where there was previously none - Kufatec do a harness which is a quarter of the audi harness price. I'm just in the process of buying it so will update with install instructions.