Front seat problem

gavin dickie

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Hi, I reclined the passenger seat all the way back on my 2002 S3 to load a long item and the folding/sliding mechanism is now not working properly, the issue is that when the lever is lifted to fold the seat forward it also released something which allowed the whole seat to slide forward so people could access the rear. The seat folds but you have to manually move the seat forward and when the seat back is pushed upright the seast doesn't move back as it used to, it again has to be manually moved. It's not a huge issue just inconvenient.
I've read threads on how to remove the seat but wondered if anyone knows if this is an easy fix or not?


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mine does the same, but tbh i thought that was just the way it worked

gavin dickie

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Someone told me they thought it was a cable system but not sure and I’m reluctant to mess about. An added bonus when it works is that when the seat back is pulled back the seat slides back to where it was adjusted, very clever.

Tj 0785

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That’s how all 2 door cars work, I’m sure it is a cable popped out of position so it’s not pulling in the cable enough to release the slide action but would need to remove seat to see it better but other things to sort 1st