Front seat problem


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Hi guys

My front seat won't lock down into position anymore. I'm driving along and it's flying forward n back.

Not the back bit that still works ok back and forward and locks into place. But it's the actual part you sit on that is moving up and forward and down and back.

Have tried to slam back into place but just seems to be metal hitting metal.

At worn just now after a weird drive holding passenger seat lol

Any ideas or suggestions welcome before I take a hammer To it lol :laugh:
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alrite mate i had the exact same problem with mine about 3 months ago....

didnt rlly no what to do, there was a straight peice of metal that was starting to bend, so i just hammered it back into palce...i now use my passenger door.

bit of a sore point for me too.

because without taking the seat out...theres not mu8ch to be seen.