Front Passenger Side Window Noise/Squeak


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Good Afternoon to everyone :salute:

Lately my front passenger side windows makes a weird squeaky noise every time when closing, no sound when opening. anyone else who has experienced this or any advise on how to fix this please.

Last few days i have noticed it to be louder, also i noted that even if the window is already closed and i then push the button to close the window again, even then it makes the noise. Maybe something need to be lubricated within the door panel maybe? :readit:

My warranty just finished 2 months ago, back then i decided it was hopefully not needed to extend. MY13 plate. I now believe i have made the wrong decision. So a solution to this problem without having to go back to the dealer, would be much appreciated.



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Gumi Pledge is what you need if the noise is from the window seals. Works wonders on door seals also. I bought mine from Amazon but can't find it now. But just Google it.

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