Front Passenger Seat Stuck


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Need some help guys.

Whilst my friend was trying to get into the back of the car he somehow managed to cause the seat to become stuck. As a result, the seats can not longer be adjusted forward or backwards.

The lever can still be pulled up but is missing that clicking/locking noise so the seats wont shift.

Any ideas?



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Not sure exactly in ure case mate but I couldn't move my seats forward to let people in the back unless I pulled up the handle. Audi fixed it under warranty so don't know exactly what the problem was.


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Yeah I was hoping to avoid going that route unless it was a last resort.


gaz m

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Mine did that once! The front seat needs to move the full cycle of its action to stop it getting jambed, which is what you have there mate.

When you pull up the leaver the seat back folds forward and then you slide the whole seat forward until it stops.
To put back lift up the handle and slide the whole seat base back THEN lift up the seat back into position.
If the seat dosent go forward all the way when you 1st move it forward it will lock in the wrong position. You need to get it to go forward to unlock it mate.
ie, seat back folded forward and slide the base towards the dash. Once it completes this action it will work as normal again but you need to slide the base backwards and forwards only when the seat back is folded forward else it locks up as you have just discovered.

Hope this helps mate as it wound me up for a while too!!!



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gaz has got the nail on the head, however if this still doesnt fit it the cable wil have come off it bracket there for not allowing the catch to release poperly, if you look under the seat you will see the release cable and just clip it back into its securing bracket.

hope this helps


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I have lifted the top lever and and then lifted the bottom lever but the seat still won't budge! Have I not done this right?

Couldn't see under the seat as the storage compartment is blocking the view or maybe I dunno what I should be looking for.

Trying to avoid having to go to Audi as I won't be able to do this until 2 weeks time.

gaz m

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lift the top lever push the seat back down as far as it goes the steering wheel may be in the way but push it down all the way then slide it all forward towards the dash!
then it will slide backwards on its own just about.



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So my driver side seat will not return to the full upright position but it seems as though it wants to go through the rear seat when adjusting it down. Is there a way to get the seat back on track or any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Stevens

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I have a 2006 A8. For sometime (couple months maybe a little more , after laying the seat all the way back, all the way down and moved all the way rearward I am not able to function any of those three directions in the opposite way. It had been intermittent. I would look under the seat at the wire connections that plug in and press on them, move the wires etc while trying the switches but could never get anything to act different. Eventually I would go away for a period of time and come back, some times a little while some times day or more and everything worked. This last time it has been stranded back and down for several days. On two of the half dozen times I gave it a go the seat would move very briefly then stop and do nothing. One of those times was just enough to detect movement and the other time the seat moved forward quite a bit until i stopped then I went to the lean back up switch and nothing, when I went back to the move seat forward nothing. In all instances the seat will always lean back, move back or move down if there is still travel room to do so. Any help identifying precisely what is wrong is appreciated