Front passenger door wiring

Luke Williamson

Luke A6AvantV6
Hi everyone,
I'm in need of some advice,I have a problem with the central locking on the rear passenger door once locked it will open from the inside but not the outside.once opened from the inside the door will open close normally untill locked again,inhale checked all wiring in a/b pillars and repaired in boots were needed,the only thing I found in the front passenger door is two wires which have been taken out of a plug. I have looked on elsawin I cant locate them ,i would be very greatfull if anyone can give some more info on them,I suspect they are part of the central locking system preventing the rear door from unlocking but I may be wrong. I have an mot next wk too‍♂️


07 170 DSG
Either replace the lock , or do what I did, drilled a tiny hole right at the top of the lock casing and filled it with wd40, yerars later still fine. Mine was exactly the same issues you have

George Kost

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I would also suspect the lock to be the problem.
The rear door module communicates signals from the front one to lock or unlock the locks.
So if the door locks, then the communication is there.
Those two wires are something completely irrelevant since the rear door locks but doesn’t unlock.