front grill respray anyone?

hello all

im in the process of changing my alloys alltogether to ones which are an anthracite colour.
therefore i have in my head that i want to change the front grill as to suit the look of the car. ive seen one guy on here (gingers3) i think who has some loveley anthracite mirrors but i cant find these anywhere unless they are vinyl wrapped and also i have seen a picture on this forum of an a3 from the spanish forum, (jose miguel) red like mine with an anthracite grill and it looked very smart. im just wondering if you guys know any link to pics of these and also the how to on spraying the grill and if the chrome will need sanding with fine grit ect?

all help much appreciated



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chrome will need sanding otherwise the paint will come off by just toughing with ur nail


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i painted mt chrome grille gloss black and it took very well but did need alot of sanding , i used a dremel lol the wet and dry to get it smooth , ill post a pick up ............


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there you go mate , sorry for the poor pic , was my mobile ... but you get the drift ?



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Thats a link to my facebook photo page. I have had my front grill and fog light grills sprayed gloss black and kept the chrome. Enjoy and any comments welcome!

Sarah's A3

Ive sprayed the chrome on my grills before the conversion. Took my time sanding down, primed then top coat etc. Looked good and never chipped at all. Good luck doing it, its pretty easy to do and anthracite will look good.
@ ollie- cheers for that m8 but i cant really see it!?!

@ chris- looks like you did a good job on that mate it looks neat. i havent seen one like that before with the chrome surround. did you just spray over the grey center part of the grill with the paint or did you use primer beforehand?

@ sarah im just worried i wont get the desired finish i want. i just want the grill surround to be the colour like this one of jaimez off audisport iberica however this rs4 grill on his looks stunning against the red. would you say go for a gloss black centre? or just a dark grey. what colour do you think?



and i also want anthracite mirrors too like these but i cant find covers anywhere...unless people vinyl wrap them?

heres mine atm


forgive me for the gap in the wheel arch...needs to be sorted after i get my new turbo and s3 intercooler!

with the milltek...


thoughts please!




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Well to be completley honest I had my local bodyshop do it for me lol. They rubbed down the whole grill including all then nooks and crannies. Then it was primered then sprayed. The same process was used for the fog grills to.

I had never seen anyone who had done the same and i just loved the idea, i think it makes the grill stand out even more with the chrome :)