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Front End Creaking

ChrisF88 Jan 30, 2020

  1. ChrisF88

    ChrisF88 New Member

    Hi Folks,

    Had my A4 for a few months now and ever since having the wheels rebalanced (timing is likely coincidental) it has had a worsening creak coming from the front end.

    It seems to occur mostly over low speed cornering and driving over uneven surfaces. The exact location is hard to nail down, I hear it from the passenger side, passenger hears it from beneath or slightly behind them and another hears it from the drivers side.

    Had the car suspension checked over yesterday and all appeared ok with only one bush on the drivers side showing some signs of perishing. There was no unusual play in the perished bearing.

    Has anyone experienced this and found the cause?

    65 plate B8.5 2.0 TDI

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  3. jakm15

    jakm15 Active Member

    Usual culprit for front end creaking is the front lower arms, I'f your 70 000 miles plus it's worth just doing all the lot the upper and lower arms, either use Lemforder or Meyle HD. You can get full kits with all the nuts and bolts etc, once it's done you'll need a 4 wheel alignment.

    My 10 plate A4 Avant had done 94000 miles and needs the arms doing, Joe Blogs wouldn't really notice they need doing but it does creak and is getting more noticeable but the main thing for me is that the handling is now very vague and doesn't feel confident inspiring at all.

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  4. ChrisF88

    ChrisF88 New Member

    I'm sitting at 45k at the minute.

    Was advised to let it develop further to hopefully avoid throwing money at the wrong part as there was no obvious issue but the creaking is driving me mad.
  5. spartacus 68

    spartacus 68 Active Member

    The cold weather can accentuate creaks in my opinion. Look at the ARB links. At 45k, that's still relatively low mileage, so not likely to be terminal, such as tell tale clunks.

    Any weeping on the front dampers?
  6. ChrisF88

    ChrisF88 New Member

    Thanks, will try to get a look this weekend.

    Not previously spotted any weeping but will take a look.

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