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Front bumper removal - anyone have a how to guide?

Swanny356 Jul 2, 2018

  1. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Active Member Audi A5 Audi A1

    Hi all,

    After a slight altication, I could do with removing the front bumper, to check all is as it should be underneath.

    I had to push the bumper back under the wing and the headlamp washer 'alien' wasn't sitting quite right.

    I've searched and can't see a 'how to' write up anywhere. Did it on the A5 to change the grill but not know its not the same.

    Any help appreciated, as always!
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  3. Paul V.

    Paul V. New Member

    hi I'm mot sure if it's still of interest but that's what i found Bumper_3.jpg Bumper_1.jpg
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