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May 6, 2009
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Hi folks,

If i buy a Brembo front brake calipers from a Cupra r what else do i need to fit then to my 2001 S3.
I have stock 17" Avus so what is the best disc size to get, best pads, do i need carriers for the calipers or do they fit straight on? do The Brembo calipers come with braide hoses so will they connect upto my brake fittings or what do i need to get.
Sorry if this has been covered before but there are pages and pages of answers.



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Jun 14, 2004
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You need calipers, caliper carriers and hoses.
Cheapest discs are 323mm, but you can run up to 330mm although the latter are a lot more expensive as they tend to be 2 piece and hence low volume. In 323mm size you can get Brembo, EBC etc. discs. I'm currently running a set of these: Front Leon Cupra R Grooved Godspeed Discs - Godspeed Brakes following a bad experience with EBCs.
Pads - again, depends how much you want to spend, but Ferodo DS2500 gets my vote (run them on both S3 and trackday Cordoba). Worth it IMHO.
Hoses - Bill @Badger 5 does the braided hoses (and pads and discs as well).
Oh, and I know you didn't ask, but to clarify, the Brembos fit OK behind the 17inch Avus fine.