Front brakes warped again!


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Hi there, hoping someone can help...

I had my front brake pads, discs and hoses replaced 3 months ago due to warped brakes as a result of sticking front brakes. I was told by mechanic tbat the hoses most likely had caved in and stopped return.

3 months and 10,000 miles later they are warped again however the front right is very hot whilst the left is ok.

I'm going to tackle it myself but sounds like the caliper is seized?

I was planning on buying this one:

Does anyone know if I need new slide pins? I can't find them anywhere.

Welcome any help on this on whether it sounds like the caliper or possibly something else.

Thanks very much.


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A binding brake will cause extreme heat followed by warping so you may well have pinpointed the problem.
If you want to economise all that's normally required is a new calliper seal (the old one hardens and twists with age), new dust cover and sometimes (but not always) a new piston as the sides can rust due to a broken dust cover thus also
causing the seal to twist/stick.

Sliders are usually cleaned and lubricated as appropriate. The ATE calipers have a combined retainer and slider bolt. They attract baked-on carbonised brake dust over the inch or so closest to the thread. They can be cleaned with a good rub down with wire wool.

The attached firm sell refurbish kits and individual parts

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I've rebuilt calipers with kits from

Excellent quality. Remember and use solution that comes in kit to cover brake seal 'o' ring and dust sleeve prior to fitting. Think it helps it from tearing during installation.

Use a little Lockheed red grease to lube piston bore before refitting. Regards slider pins, check for any signs of surface corrosion. Fine steel wool and WD40 works to remove. Lube with red grease or lithium grease.

Agree with suggestion to replace brake fluid too.


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Thanks for the responses. Yes new fluid sounds like a good idea as I’ll have ****** it again.

Just thinking could it be the guide pins rather than caliper? I’ve noticed ECP dont sell guide pins or does a set come with the caliper?

I wondered if it could be the pins rather than caliper?

Guess I’ll only find out by taking apart.


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What kind of mechanic have you been using?. Brake hoses don't "cave in" . The most likely problem is either sticking caliper slides or a sticking piston.
Sometimes you can get issues with the servo or master cylinder that will cause the brakes to drag all around but I haven't heard of this on the B8.
Use car parts for less for cheaper parts than ECP. They are the same parts just that CP4L are internet only. About £76 for a caliper.
Check you are ordering the correct caliper using the PR codes that show on the view detail tab. The PR codes are shown on the sticker in the service book or on the sticker in the wheel well in the boot where the battery / spare wheel is.


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Well here's an update...

Changed the front caliper 2 weeks ago and 1500 miles of trouble free. Now I don't know if its me but when the brakes a warm they feel like they are all slightly dragging.

I did a full bleed when the caliper was changed. I've run a scan and no faults. I'm stumped by this, not sure if its something else: servo, vacuum or abs?