Front Brake Torque settings - Audi A4 2009 2.0 Tdi


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Does anyone know the torque settings for the front brakes?



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No need to go with specs, if you aren't mounting new ones, with new bolts on a new carrier and hub. Just make it snug, with a normal sense of mind, and normal hand tools.


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The trouble is, "snug" is a relative term, both in terms of the individual's strength and the length of the tool bar they are using.

Anyone wise or honest enough enough to put their hands up and ask what the correct torque setting is for fixings, should be allowed to be given the correct answer.

Too many "fixers" out there just plan on "tightening" things, for some with some mechanical sympathy and/or practical experience, that is okay some of the time, but for others not so!

The torque settings advised for some calliper carriers are extremely high, so does that equate to "snuggly snug"?


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Looked at Elsa WIN and it didn't have a tightening torque just said bolt must be replaced. Had a google and they are tight.
196Nm 145Lb/ft was what I found on several different sites. Personally I have removed calipers off cars many times and always reused the bolts with no issue. I don't use a torque wrench I have a breaker bar about 18 inches long that I use to loosen and tighten bolts like this, you just can't tighten them enough with a normal 1/2 inch ratchet.


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Thanks for all the replies, very helpful.

I think if you do this kind of work on a regular basis, then you get a "feel" for how much a torque setting is.

However, if like me you only do this sort of thing once every 12 or 24 months, then I couldn't rely on my 'feel'. And I tend to be heavy handed in these things.

Surprised to learn that the caliper bracket bolts are one time use only. So that would suggest they are stretch bolts? The danger with reusing these stretch bolts is that they can snap in the hole and then it will be a nightmare trying to get them out.

Whether we go by feel or by torque values is a personal choice.
However, if Audi have specified torque values then as a minimum we should know what those torque values are.


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I had to heliocoil one of the brackets on the GTR brakes by over tightening and stripping the internal threads, so making sure you are right is never a bad thing.


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I believe these front brake calipers in the photo are FN3 calipers. Perhaps someone can confirm.
Not sure what the FN3 stands for.