front brake pad wear-indicator wires!

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Ive a 2000 S3 and the brake pad wear-indicator warning light has been on for 3-4 weeks. I knew it wasnt the pads, so traced it to the 2 wires that have broken and/or came loose on the caliper, in which case it has activated the warning light.

Dont really see where the 2 wires fix onto, and its only the passenger side that has the wires.

Can anybody take a pic or tell me how they are fitted on, if its a case of bypassing the calpier altogether and just joining the wires, (or earthing) that would be fine, not bothered if its working properly or not, just want the beep and warning light on the DIS to go away!!

i had the same problem when my pads wore down too much the pad sensors on both sides broke off leaving two wires, i bought new sensors and put them in with new pads, still trying to get vag com to work so i can reset the warning, but atleast you know what the wires are

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