Front axle trolley jack point - need pictures


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Need to remove front bumper.

Is it safe to use a trolley jack to get BOTH front wheels off the ground at the same time?

If so where is the best point to jack the car? I'm guessing it'll have to be in the middle of the car somewhere but I've heard this can put pressure on and weaken the chassis?

I have two axle stands, do these go on the standard jacking points?

Is it safe to jack one side up, put an axle stand there, then go round and jack the other side up or not? Heard this is dangerous also.

I'm aware there are posts on here about jacking points but I've read through them all and still have no confidence in how to get the front of the car up on axle stands.



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There's no need to jack up the car the remove the bumper. There's not too many screws underneath the front so just use a torx bit in a ratchet or similar


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I have to use a jack each side, but only to remove the single bolt each side that hides behind the wheel arch liner, i cannot fit the ratchet in otherwise. My car is lowered tho.


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Raise each side with atrolley jack and stick a axle stand each side, is the easy way.


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Same here, no need to jack the car up. Just turn the wheels to one side and that will give you plenty of room.