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Newbie to the audi scene, picked my audi a3 2.0 tdi DSG (8P i think?) up in december had a few initial problems and spent a fair bit getting the car sorted but it hasnt detoured me, still love the car. I have a couple of problems which i need help with so if anyone can help i'll appreciate it.

1, the front passenger seat, when the leaver is pulled up to let someone into the back the seat doesnt slide forward like the drivers side does. i have to learn over and slide it myself. any ideas what the fault is and how to fix it?

2, do the rear wheels have camber adjusters on as mine appear to be cambered quite alot, baring in mind the cars completely standard, they also look they toe in a little bit too? any ideas to the fault and how to fix?



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hi mate welcome to the forum , if its a 2.0tdi then yes its a 8P , not sure on the seat problem but the rear can be adjusted get it 4 wheel tracked and all will be well , post some pics in the 8P section of your car , and also post the 1st question in there too someone will know more