From B7 to B8


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My wife and I traded our B7 in yesterday for a nice new(er) B8 and I've grabbed some pics to share...

the b7 after its last wash and just before I put the original wheels back on (wheels have been saved and will be refurbished before hopefully going on the B8).

Last shot of the B7 as we left the dealer

new car this this morning




and lastly next to the A2 we had before the B7 and which we have been using for the last month while we decided what to do...

Not the greatest pics but you get the idea and I'll grab some more once I've had some time to give it a clean and I have a better location...


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There are no knobs or buttons at the rear of the gear lever.... did early B8 S-lines have less toys?


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Afaik you only get the controls down there with nav mate. Would have been nice to have but not essential as we have a crap Tom Tom to help us get lost lol


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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but hubs on B8 are different to B7 so your wheels won't fit. Which reminds me, I must put those winter 16" wheels and tyres up for sale.

Lovely car by the way, I'm really enjoying my new/old 2.0TFSi quattro, much more than I thought I would after both B6 and B7 V6 TDi's


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My initial thoughts are as follows (taken and adapted from a post I made in another thread). The B8 is a vastly different car to the B7, it's nice that the steering wheel is the same (thicker rim) but yeah otherwise a completely different car and much better for it! I can't drive for 6 months so can't speak from experience but my wife says it feels bigger and heavier although the power is the same as she's used to...

There isn't as much space in the boot to 'hide' things like we had in the B7 i.e. we used to keep the re-useable Sainsburys bags under the false floor along with an umbrella and other crap that I didn't know we had (or needed).

The standard speakers are a significant improvement on the old Bose system which I always felt was lacking in clarity and depth. The stereo is nice to use too and I like the fact it's much more of a 'computer'.

Seats are nicely familure but benefit from more leg room all round although I wouldn't say the Alcantara is as good quality!

All together it makes for a lovely package and feels more 'grown up' - maybe a few areas for improvement but nothing significant or any worse than before.

As for the wheels I'm hopeful that they will fit as the center bore is larger than required for the B7. I used spigot rings to fit them previously. The PCD is the same, it's just the offset I'm not so sure about - if anyone knows the offset for the standard wheels I'd be very grateful for the info...

I've also discovered this evening that it has DAB which is a really nice bonus and a feature I'd hoped we'd get! Winner!

and lastly, a pic that I've tweaked in Snapseed on my iPad and am pretty pleased with the result :)



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Standard B8 A4 wheels 112 PCD 66.56 bore

7J x 16, Offset 39, 205/60/16 92H

7.5J x 17, Offset 45, 225/50 R17 94Y

8J x 18, Offset 47, 245/40 R18 93Y

8.5J x 19, Offset 43, 255/35 R19 96Y