From an Evoque sd4 to a B9 190cv Tiptronic


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Hi All.
Just joined and introdiced myself in the welcome section.

Great forum to be as i am waiting for a new Avant business plus 1,9 Tdi tiptronic and have some questions about the performance of the car.

As i say in the subject i will be giving in my "old" Evoque Sd4 which served me well for almost 4 years.
Question is about the difference in performance and i was wondering if there is somebody with a similar past in here which could shed some light on the driving and performance feeling between the 2 cars?
On the paper 0-100 are the same but the A4 is almost 300kg lighter than an Evoque with the same power.

Considering also if i should switch to a Quattro but i live in southern France were the weather is always good and i am not sure it's worth the extra 2750€

Over to you guys!


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You won't need the Quattro. I have the FWD 190 TDi and the Grip and traction is fantastic! I haven't noticed any difference between the Quattro 190tdi, that I had a lend of, and mine. I would say that the FWD is abit faster probably due to being lighter than the Quattro.