Found and S6, but not sure about the mileage!


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May 19, 2009
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I have found an S6 Avant with 120k on the clock.
Normally I wouldn't think twice about a car with that mileage, but i am not sure with these beasts. They are generally motorway cruisers, so in theory not stressed in the same way as a hot hatch.

How many of you S6 owners bought a high miler?
What should i be looking out for with expensive bits going wrong?
How many of you would buy one like this?


I sold my S6 a few years ago with 100K on the clock, and it never missed a beat. I have the Cam Belt changed, and a regular service, and it never let me down, apart from a battey once.

Make sure its got a decent history, and the bodywork is always a good indication of hows its been treat. Perform a check on the car to see if its been written off, or been involved in any accidents.
120k is nothing on these engines, check for oil and gearbox leaks....has it been modded or is it a standard S6?
It has been modified. The enigne has been remapped and they have fitted an lpg conversion.

we are also going to look at an A6 2.7T as an alternative.
i think mines been mapped, but not sure 100% by what program, LPG cud be a good investment for long runs over next couple of years, remapping wont gain alot on any NA engine, so dont be too worried....just make sure its been serviced and cambelts changed when it should have etc... 2.7T's are good, not sure if they use Multitronic Gearbox, if they do, make sure its been regular oil changes, these are prone to failure. MPG wise i cant imagaine you would get much more than 35 opposed to 28-30 for the S6....
28-30 mpg!!!!!!!

I'm jealous. Just got back from a 1000 mile round trip to LM, and averaged just under 23.

Lucky to get 20 when used purely around town.
to be fair, that is driving like a grandad with pipe and slippers on down the motorway...... i think the DIS is slightly out on the MPG front cuz ive done the fuel check, comparing to the DIS and its been 4-5MPG out which is quite a bit for this car, ie 23MPG is 26/7MPG.

I dont tend to drive it round town, purely because of traffic, got stuck in brum once for a hour of oh yes 8MPG lol.....a realistic allround i would say is 20MPG...16-18 pushing on motorways, 18-22 round town driving, driving sensible between 55-60mph will return just short of 30mpg.....Be interesting to hear everyone elses figures based on what ive just said......