forza 2

Agrred it's very good, can't seems to get my laptime under 1.10 with any of the C class cars though!
I didnt enjoy playing this as much as I do enjoy playing PGR3. Graphically its not much of an improvement over PGR3. PGR4 coming out in the near future and it looks better. Only thing with Forza is you can customize te Sheet outta each car which is cool.

Just got mine!!!

Got the limited edition with the car book included. Nice package for anotehr £5. Game is sweet, with lambos too, new RS4 and GTI's.
post your paintjobs up! :) quicky i done this morning



and a moneyshot on the rear ;)


on another note, the nurburgring environment is lurvly ;)
Wooooo got mine today as well :D maxed out an S4 but still need to work on the handling as I keep hitting walls sideways :D

Great game though, so much customisation. an game needs to be organised one night - audi only race! :)
Just won the R32, and have now ditched the engine for a 3.6 lump, after i had added every mod to the 3.2 engine. There seems to a be a longer list for mods now with the bigger engine. Well better get selling some spares.

Have you seen all the options for tyres including different makes of tyres!
Here is my Audi S4. I got the game on friday for £9.99 from blockbuster. I normally get them from but sometimes the game doesn't arrive and if i get it sent to my work address then if it doesn't arrive on friday i have to wait till monday

mine so far, nothing fancy just spam for a lan party I run :)

Edit: btw dsmclark, we cant see those images - you have to save them then upload them to photobucket or similar - you cant link to the image from the forza site.
Man that whip is hella fresh, yo!

(or whatever)

We need an game around the ring one night soon i think, if you havnt got my gamertag it's Richal1ty. I might start a game about 8pm tonight and invite everyone in who's on my list at that time and see what happens :p
I'll most likely be playing it around 8pm, so i'll be up for a race. Although i haven't raced online on the game yet. How do you do it do you just go to multiplayer?
Yea its all pretty self explanitary. Only downside is I wanted to play the ring but every game I found had already started so I had the option of waiting 15 mins for them to finish the race or find another! I waited once and when they where done they ****** cancelled the game. Grrr. I think I'll make a game tonight at 8 for a lap or 2 around the ring.

What I'll do is just invite everyone on my contact list into the game and wait 10 mins for people to get out of their career race and join the multiplayer race then I'll kick it off and see how it goes. Never organised anything like this before but I think it will be a right laugh if we can get 8 people all driving like mentalists around the ring :)
Sounds like a laugh! will it be an audi only affair as i just bought a gallardo so could try that out. I don't mind having to use the audi though, the only downside is because of the racing tyres its a bit hairy till they warm up. my xbox tag is spamburg, I checked and you are in my friends list
Is someone going to try and setup a league on Forza? Apparently the MR2 OC is doing this my mates was telling me... that could be really cool.
I didnt know you could do things like that, might be worth looking into. Anyone know what's involved/required?
level 22, intermediate difficulty I think (I use no assists apart from ABS). had some really good races tonight guys! def gonna do that more its so much more fun playing against real people in a race then boring AI oponants.

my tuned 700BHP S4 + quattro = hillariously good launches. left everything standing I came across tonight :D
Rich said:
my tuned 700BHP S4 + quattro = hillariously good launches. left everything standing I came across tonight :D

Everything eh! we'll have to have some rematches soon. I reakon our s4's are quite evenly matched. although i might sell mine as there are no more races i can do with it and because its class U it can't be used in many of the online races.
I found the online interface worked well but a few times i found myself alone of the race track all of a sudden but i could still finish the race and collect my money so it was fine by me.
Definatly up for racing again next time your online.
Yeah, weird because I have maxed out everything on my S4 and its a class S? Or was yours the AWE version?

I think theres another "special" S4 to unlock as well?
I have both. but my purple s4 was class s untill i put a turbo on it and then it just maxed it out and it now says class u 999. I might sell all the parts and buy something else as i still have the AWE s4
has anyone noticed how smooth the tracks are in the game - no road bumps at all from the laps I have done.

Just seems strange as used to the cars skipping around from PGR which seems more realistic.

Well they are race tracks? Surely they're meant to be relativly smooth. Hit the rumble strips at the side of the corners and you'll know it ;)
parbox - try playing with the suspension settings... managed to get a car bounce off the road due to too soft springs and harsh rebound lol

played it for 6 hours straight last night, and plowed everything I earnt into making my Mk2 Golf better... it's now an A class car! lol
This game is much better than the demo and once you get into it far far better than PGR3. Customisation of the cars is second to none, the physics engine is great, the tracks are good, the car list impressive. The online auctions are cool, I bought an unused racing porsche GT3 for about 10k! Its worth over 150k and drives like a dream.

have made an R32 with 440 bhp that can do 195mph and lap the ring in under 8 mins. I love this game!


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