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Forte turbo cleaner

hebdenwill Jan 15, 2021

  1. hebdenwill

    hebdenwill New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm having turbo woes - my car goes into limp mode in 4th and 5th, the issue that a lot of people with 1.9s seem to have. I thought I'd try some Forte turbo cleaner as I've seen a few people recommend it online (as well as a few dismissing it as snake oil). We'll see. I've got two bottles as per the instructions.

    My question is - as the instructions state "two bottles will be required if there is a fault", does this suggest use with a full tank of fuel? I was going to let it get nice and low (less than a quarter) then put them both in and take it for a few nice hard runs up the longest continuous incline in the country.

    Can anyone advise as to the best way to 'dose' it? If you've used it before let me know what ratio you added it in. I don't want to (further) damage anything.

    I should add I've just changed the fuel filter and it's running on shell V power. I'll try and come back with an update if it does anything!

    NB - I will get the car scanned soon but I've just been made redundant and can't afford it, or a proper repair, right now, so save yourself the bother and don't tell me to get it scanned
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  3. S.Pellegrino

    S.Pellegrino Member

    I do not know about Turbo Cleaner but when I used injector cleaner to pass my ITV (spanish equivalent of MOT) I put the stuff in when the tank is nearly empty.
    This way the cleaner doesn't ''dilute'' itself (higher concentration as opposed to full tank of gas)

    Logically, I think, it would be smarter to use it with nearly empty tank for reason stated above...

  4. hebdenwill

    hebdenwill New Member

    Thanks mate, I imagine it would work the same way so I'll do it with less than quarter of a tank
  5. hebdenwill

    hebdenwill New Member

    Well, if anyone's interested in some results:

    I put two bottles of Forte Diesel Turbo cleaner into quarter of a tank of shell V power diesel.

    I let the engine get nice and warm then took it for a hard run up a hill, and have repeated a couple of times. The first time, it went into limp mode straight away, so I restarted and tried again a few times.

    On today's run, I was very low on fuel so went and got £20 more v power (about 16 litres or so) and yet again took it for a hard pull up some hills. This time, I couldn't get limp mode to engage! but, I can't be sure I was giving it everything as it's raining torrentially and the road was a river. At one point, while being slowed by some puddles the traction control light went on and stayed on, but it went out when I restarted the engine. I think this might have been due to the amount of water on the road?

    Final point - I've been using a Zus smart health mini monitor and noticed something interesting: previously when the car went into limp mode, the intake manifold pressure would flick up from 2 to 3 bar, then immediately go into limp mode. Today I didn't see it go above 2 bar, so perhaps it was overboosting and that has been cured / improved?? I think I also noticed it hit 100% 'load' for the first time (not sure exactly what load is or how it's calculated)

    I'm going to keep pushing it and evaluating if and when it limps but it seems like some tentatively good news so far!

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